Monster Legends Hack

okay so it in this really I’m going to show you how you can use Monster Legends hack to get unlimited gold and gems,for absolutely free. alright so before starting let me tell you that most of the Monster Legends hacks on YouTube or absolutely fake and they do not work it out .But now I’ll,be showing you step by step how and hack Monster Legends to get unlimited gold and gems,

Monster Legends generator

All right so which meaty this is my gaming about like 2.75 K gold and like 5 gems .but after using this hack I’m gonna,get a lot of them. okay so in order to,use this Monster Legends hack what do you basically have,to do is you have to open Monster Legends hack generator .alright so here you have to enter your username you can either enter your username or email address and then select the platform you’re using and then tap on next.alright so now select the amount of gems you want to generate .and then you have to select the amount of gold you wanna do course I’ll go with the last option which is the maximum amount of gold and gems .all right. so it says performing verification .now all right so it’s asking for some human verification and you have to tap on verify now. and this,verification is just to make sure that,you are not robot and you are not,abusing this hack or something like that all right so tell you what you have to,do is you have to download two three,three mobile applications and you have,to render what they do 60 seconds each.and sometimes it happened that even if,even after downloading these,applications .you do not get your Monster Legends gems and gold into your monster legend if that happens with you what do you,have to do do is you have to download,all the applications from list and then,you’ll most probably get the gold and gems ,into your account all right .so I have,downloaded two free apps and let’s see,if the gold & gems ,I’ve been loaded into my account .all,right .so yeah,as you can see the gold and gems have,started popping up .

Monster Legends Hack

ways to get Monster Legends gems

Top five ways to get Monster Legends gems on monster legends .so all right,let’s just go ahead and get into it .so,some of these are not I’m not doing any,hacks or anything. cuz that’s just it’s I,mean they’ve ever done hack sir I’ve,never worked for me .so like the ones,online of stuff the generators those,have never worked .so I’m just gonna be,doing ways in the game that you can,actually get them. so alright so gotta,collect all my resources and stuff .so,first first way this is kind of like a,half away I guess I wouldn’t call it a,full way. but in the Monster Legends gems you can buy,them it’s not that that’s with real,money I guess. but um the good thing,about this is sometimes it like this you,can see here it includes 3 plus 3 or,plus 15 .so sometimes there’s good offers,but honestly if you don’t want to waste,your money then I mean then you can do,some other stuff .so first off there’s,some ways like dungeons .alright .dungeons,is the next reward .I mean next way to,get gems .so as you can see here dungeons,usually have either food or diamonds as,the like the Prices the prizes so there’s,one right there there’s there’s gonna be,usually plenty of,of dungeons .so as you can see there’s,dungeon reward times ten gyms and then,I’ve been working on this one but even,though this isn’t this says it’s for an,egg of the SRAM or still has gems like there’s five and,throughout this I’ve been getting Monster Legends gems,and it has a bunch of gold – you can see,five hundred thousand .so for one fight,which is which is pretty good. it’s,really hard but it’s pretty I’m gonna go ahead and hash this,alright .

so then next way it is on the,adventure map .the adventure map can,there’s here .there’s a bunch of ways to,get it on here.there’s the roulette spin or the the,spinning thing and that can easily get,you I mean it’s pretty rare .but you can,easily get that. and there’s a bunch of,chances to since there’s a bunch of,islands .so you can get those pretty easy,from each from each level .

Monster Legends multiplayer

the next way,is on multiplayer. you can go into,leagues and if you battle a lot you can,get by then the season which is about,three days from now for me you can get,food at gold or a room and gems and as,you can see once you get higher and,higher you could get more gems. top,places 700 gems which is quite a bit .but,I don’t think most most people are not,going to get that. only one person is,actually. so or maybe even the top five,people aren’t gonna get or being the top,500 maybe it might even some of you will,get it. but for right now I’ve kind of,just started so I’m in the bronze one,and you can see I get 15 Monster Legends gems. I’m gonna,try today to get up to the silver 3 .so go ahead and get some fights,in,all right so I’m just gonna start it off,this is pretty easy for me since I’m in,a pretty little league.all right so got one of them food,without shut them both down.okay so easy victory for right now. but,as you get higher and higher the people,are gonna get harder for you .so and then,you get a spin at the end of each one .so,I think that’s that’s pretty good. all,right,you can go with the 26 .so okay and then I’ll do,to do some wicked soul all right. okay,there we go,Victorine .so hopefully I can get to one,I think it’s one point one Kay .oh there,we go,all right .I’m in it now .I get the spin,and alright .not bad .but okay . so yeah,I’ve been promoted you can see once,reached 1500 for the next one I’m pretty,sure instead were you like 400 or so .or,maybe 500 trophies that you can reach,the next. so I’m at 20 diamonds now .which,is it increases by 5 each time and and,then until you get into the golds where,it increased by 25 and then top one is,700 .so you can look at the rankings and,stuff you can really get your rank. but,that’s just another good way by the end,of the season to get good good way to,get gems .

Earn gems from events

so alright so another good way,to get gems is in the events .the events,have plenty of opportunities you can see,others one right there. for gems on there,on the tracks like on the molarity,mcboyd the new guy .it starts right off,with a diamond with a you can see that multiple of the,tracks of the characters you can easily,get gems .so I’m going to go ahead and,move this guy. and there’s these things,called Scrolls I’m not for sure what,they are. but if you guys know please,leave a comment in the section below.because I do not know what they’re for.even though it explains it .so alright,so that’s another way I guess for’re just gonna have to wait on

Earn gold and gems monthly

this one is the daily bonus you can get you,can get gems from this yesterday I,collected five Monster Legends gems. so you can easily in,it get you characters at the end of the,month. so if it can it gives you pretty,good rewards. increasing rewards .once you,get hired higher .so you want to try to,log in every day if that doesn’t if that,can’t work out then I mean at least log,in a couple of days .because at day two,you can get one at this 7 you can get 3,and at day 14 you can get for gems .so,and it looks like 26 8 26 heating at,times 7 .so that’s pretty good I’d say,that’s that’s that’s a decent way to get gems .alright so I’m just gonna breed something real quick .um let’s take let’s,take some,state .so that’s a,good way to get gems I’m not for sure,about this next time no it’s not okay,nevermind that’s the way you guys are,good way to get food but alright so then,that’s pretty much it on the ways to get gems. it also gives you good offers you,can also ask friends but I mean you can,you only get five gems from each so and,I don’t really have any I don’t have,like Facebook friends or anything cuz I,just created it I just created a random,Facebook account so then I could have,this login to different devices on this,game so yeah then you can see there’s,also money but if you don’t want to,spend it like that then again just just,do it on the adventure map dungeons or,multiplayer,those are good ways to get it this may,take a little time like for multiplayer,I think the season is about ten or eight,days I can’t I can’t remember but that,or the creature well right now it’s the,creature maze but the current event,that’s going on those are good ways to,get Doc gems I keep saying diamonds but,it’s gyms,alright so that basically wraps it up,for this video,those are just good tips and ways to get,gems so I’ll see you guys next time and,try to LIKE and subscribe if you can and,if you guys do not have this game it’s a,really fun game you should get it it’s,called monster legends and all you just,I’ll see you guys next time,change we drop the class today he joins,with the Masters and that’s the way we,naturally dollar additional is back way